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    In addition, offenders convicted of a sex offense on or after that date, or sentenced to probation, local jail, or state prison after that date, must register upon returning to the community.

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    She is a very tall woman as her height is 5 feet 9 inches which fall around 1.75 meters.

    She had gained weight in the past, but now she has managed to defeat her past weight gain and has come back in shape.

    In just the last few months, Paris was in, and then out, and then in, and out of jail again for driving with a suspended license while on probation for D. I.; Britney shaved her head, beat a paparazzo’s car with an umbrella, developed overnight abs of steel while appearing everywhere in disastrous wigs, and re-exposed various body parts; Nicole denied she was in rehab for anorexia again and that she was pregnant, despite the overjoyed whispering of “insiders”; and then there were Lindsay’s problems. None of this can possibly be lost on the young men who venture into the Paris-Nicole-Lindsay-Britney vortex as potential beaus.

    To date, bed, or wed—however briefly—any one of these young women (or their sister ilk, Jessica-Ashlee-Mandy-Kimberly-Mary-Kate-and-Ashley, et al.) is to enjoy insta-fame on a dizzying level; it’s like winning the tabloid lotto.

    From the first episode, we’re not entirelysystem: That’s a Bit Rich • Blake Lively as a high-school senior.

    For a happening guy with a clothing line or a music career, hooking up with a starlet like Paris, Nicole, or Lindsay takes fame to a whole new level. A.’s club scene, the author meets the boys who love the girls who love the spotlight. A.’s Club LAX as Lindsay grinds her behind cheekily into the crotch of another dancing club girl, singing along, “O-oh! They’re wearing those fake vintage rock T-shirts and jaunty little porkpie hats favored by white homeboys who call each other “Bro.” They have those intricate forearm tattoos and that spiky Mark Mc Grath hair (circa 1999), which they frequently touch while thumbing their wireless devices. They all look as if they might be famous—if only they were dating somebody like Lindsay.“We’re all rich fucks, living off our parents’ money,” one of them tells me blithely.

    Lindsay dances, perched on a banquette, a hand held behind her head, eyes cast down as if in awe of her own amazing, undulating, ultra-famous 20-year-old bod. ”It’s April, midway through a heady spring of partying, before a video hits showing her allegedly doing coke in an L. They all watch Lindsay, trying not to appear too eager.

    But who’s that bunch of boys hanging around Lindsay’s booth?

    says it found coke in her wrecked car, and she once again enters rehab. She’s got a halter top on, low-slung pants, no bra—the type of outfit frets is spawning a “generation of prosti-tots,” because all the girls love Lindsay, their Little Miss Sunshine. J., bouncing excitedly next to her on the banquette; they’re B. F.’s (Best Friends Forever), as the gossip columns say, when they’re not claiming the two are secretly lovers, as they will in the next news cycle.

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